The Worst Advice Ever Heard About Fitness

Unfortunately, we all know someone who is a self-proclaimed fitness guru.  You know the person: the ones who are always doling out unsolicited advice about health, fitness, exercise, and nutrition as if they hold the key to your success.  Not only should you pay zero attention to these fools, but you should also consider your personal opinions on the matter.  Seriously though, doing your own research is the best option.  We all have probably ignorantly followed the advice of one of these “sages” only to suffer the consequences of our inept actions later.  It cannot be narrowed down to one, so here is some of the worst advice ever heard about fitness.

“No Pain, No Gain”

Although working out and maintaining optimal fitness requires a lot of hard work, suffering from too much pain while you do so is not a good sign.  Misinformed fitness “experts” will often tell you that experiencing no pain from your workout means that it was not effective.  Sure, you are probably going to be a little sore after a good session at the gym, but you do not have to strain or sprain something to prove that you mean business.  Your body will respond to a workout even if it is a light one.  So go at your own pace, take your time, and don’t listen to those fools who tell you that you have to be in pain to see real results.  *Note: to further reduce the pain associated with working out, simply perform a warm-up before you begin and a cool down when you finish.

“Eat less, exercise more”

This bit of advice may be true in some circumstances, but it is not a one-size-fits-all solution to your fitness problems.  Each person’s body is built differently; and thus, every person has his or her own specific dietary and activity needs.  For some folks, eating more (or more often) may be the key that unlocks their ideal physique.  Others, however, may need to limit the time they spend exercising because of certain bodily restrictions.  So, when someone tells you that you should eat less and exercise more, make sure you talk to your health care provider instead.  These professionals will know how to determine what is right for you personally; and you won’t have to go through wrecking your metabolism or your body to find out.

“You can sleep when you’re dead”

Sure that statement is true but how soon to you want it to become a reality?  Sleep and adequate rest is essential to developing and maintaining optimal fitness levels.  Taking some time to recoup between workouts is completely acceptable, especially if that’s what you feel you need.  In addition, making sure that you get enough sleep at night is a vital component to the outcome of every single endeavor throughout your day.  You need to know how much sleep you need to be getting for your age and activity level, and then you need to follow that as closely as possible.  If you are unsure as to how many hours you should be snoozing each night, ask your doctor or check out the information presented by the National Sleep Foundation.

Listening to these idiots give you some of the worst advice ever heard about fitness may eventually lead you down a primrose path towards eventual failure.  Being proactive about the information you receive regarding your personal fitness is the best way to avoid bad situations altogether.  As always if you are unsure whose advice to follow, just go and talk to your doctor or a certified fitness trainer.