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The Selfie: How It Is Making People More Conscious of Their Health and Fitness

Just about everyone knows what a “selfie” is: that quick picture you snap of yourself on your cell phone camera.  These photos can showcase your best features, whether that be your beautiful smile, your gorgeous eyes, or your remarkable skin.  However, selfies can also do a lot of damage to your self-esteem, especially if you happen to catch a glimpse of your failing health in the photo.  Bags under the eyes, fine lines, discolored skin, dryness, and overall gauntness can be seen easily when you click personal a pic.  That must be why so many people are starting to notice how their selfies are making them a lot more conscious about their health and fitness.

The Transition 

Taking a selfie is a great way to send a smile across vast distances, but it can also convey your lackluster health to the world as well.  Taking unpublished selfies does not make you vain.  In fact, doing so is a terrific way to monitor yourself without even making the results part of public knowledge.  In other words, selfies can be used for more than simply filling up the albums on your social media profile.

Some people like to snap a picture of themselves each day, watching closely for any subtle changes.  In this way especially, purposeful selfies are becoming a highly effective method of deducing one’s overall health and wellbeing.  Being able to see the effects of your chosen lifestyle through a virtual time lapse is a modern-day advantage that has never been possible before.

The Evidence 

When you finally see the value in it and you ultimately decide that you want to use strategic selfies to monitor and/or improve your health and fitness, you will then need to start taking note of the things which indicate where any changes should be made.  Try to keep your selfies in order according to the date they were taken.  If you start noticing any of the following, it could be an indication that your health and fitness are failing:

Sagging skin 

Loose or yellowing teeth 

Bags under the eyes 

Excess fat on the face: jawline, cheeks, and chin 

Dulled, greyed, or yellowed complexion


Loss of weight in the face: jawline, cheeks, and chin 

Fine lines or wrinkles/signs of premature aging 

Thinning hair or receding hairline 

There are several other clear signs of failing health and fitness, but you might need to talk to your doctor for more specific details on those.  The basic premise is that if you monitor your selfies closely you should be able to find out if you are doing well or not.

Taking a few selfies is not really a difficult task, especially when you consider all the benefits associated with doing it with a clear purpose.  You should never attempt to diagnose yourself with a simple selfie, but you should start using it for some good.  Allow it to inspire you to become more conscious of your health and fitness.

Michelle Lynn

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Oh I’m Sorry, I forgot to mention that…

Driving home from the mall with my neighbor we got to talking about our kids and giving birth.  It’s a topic that most of us enjoy sharing, and it almost allows you to relive the moment when your sweet little baby entered the world.

Love at first site becomes something that you can now truly understand.  From their first breath to your first kiss on their forehead,  you are in love.  Their smell, their soft skin, and the cute little cooing noises,  make the whole 9 months all worth it.

But wait…. What happened to your body!?  Unless you live under a rock you know that your body is going to be stretched out and a human being is going to come out of a spot that only your underwear has cozied up to.  But has anyone ever actually told you what your stomach is going to look like after you push out that beautiful creature?

I had heard stories like “oh your body will never be the same” or  “I used to have a flat stomach but now its stretched out and looks like a road map”.   And we have ALL heard the women who had kids 20 years ago and say “I used to be a size 2 but then I had my daughter and now look at me”.

Lets face it, when that adorable little baby comes out,  your only concern is being in the moment and loving it. But when you leave the hospital and your stomach is wiggling and jiggling in a way its never done before, it’s a little discouraging.

I couldn’t possibly have muscled up the energy to go to the gym. Are you kidding me? I’ve only slept 2 hours in 6 days I have no intention of going on a treadmill or joining a Zumba classes.  BUT I want my body back and I want it back NOW!

So that is where our body wraps come in.  Of course we promote having and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Of course we recommend going to the gym. But for some people it is nearly impossible to lose that extra belly flab.  Some people can work out until their hearts content and they still have a little extra muffin hanging off the sides.

Its time to put all skepticism aside and realize that there is a product out there that will get you skinny again…and FAST.  Its time to realize that sure you can go to the gym, sure you can go on that diet, but you can also throw on a wrap to get your body back quicker and boost that self esteem again.   There is nothing wrong with admitting that this is 2013 and products actually HAVE been developed that can make you look the way you want to look.

So what exactly are you waiting for?  This is a sizzle product that everyone wants and is waiting to get their hands on.  You owe it to yourself.  Pamper yourself and get your sexy body back girls! You deserve it!