Its Vital Omega-3


Boost heart health, fight minor inflammation, keep those joints moving, and reclaim that youthful glow with the triple strength blend of DHA and EPA fatty acids of It’s Vital Omega-3. Along with superior strength, fish oil-derived fatty acids, It’s Vital Omega-3 also adds a purifying rosemary-based antioxidant blend to fight the effects of free radicals—all in an easy-to-swallow softgel with a hint of lemon flavor.

It’s Vital™ Omega-3:

  • Triple strength fish oil-derived DHA and EPA fatty acids to help maintain and support healthy cholesterol levels
  • Natural rosemary-based antioxidants to fight free radicals and support health cell growth
  • Support for healthy joint movement and for the body’s response to minor inflammation
  • Lemon-flavored softgel that’s easy to swallow