A 5 Minute Workout to Tone your Core

Most people simply do not have the time to take a special trip to the gym.  Lots of folks can’t even find the space in their homes to do much of anything, let alone work out.  Still others just don’t have the money to worry about their fitness.  What if you found out that there was a way to achieve the body of your dreams by doing a simple exercise for just 5 minutes a day?  Well, your dreams may have just came true, since now you can use this 5 minute workout to tone your core; and it is more convenient than you might have thought.

What Muscle Groups are Responsible for the way my Core Appears? 

In order for you to truly know whether or not a workout is effective for you, learning what muscle groups make up your core is important.  How will you ever know if the exercises are working in your favor if you never know which muscles should be working?  The core is responsible for some of the most important movements your body makes; so taking 5 minutes to work it out should not be considered a chore.

The major muscle groups that the core is comprised of are as follows:

Pelvis floor muscles 


Obliques (internal and external) 

Rectus adbominis


Erector spinae


The Flying Bridge 5 Minute Core Workout 

This super quick workout is not only very easy but it is also highly effective.  Find a flat place on the floor to begin.  Now that you know which muscles to be working, let’s find out how it’s done:

Sit down with your knees slightly bent so that your feet are still on the floor.

Put your hands behind you back by your hips with your hands facing forward.

Push your body up into the “reverse tabletop” position until you knees come up over your ankles.

Hold the position for about three to five seconds.

Begin to slowly lower your hips back down until you are again in the starting position.

Do this for three sets of 20, at least three times per week.

What Else you should know 

A five minute workout to strengthen and tone your core may seem like it is quick enough.  However, for some people it needs to happen faster.  Those people typically use quality products alongside their fitness routine.  Even if you work out all the time, having some of this around probably wouldn’t hurt.

One such product is this highly effective contouring Defining gel made by It Works Global.  It tightens, firms, and tones any area of the body from the neck to the feet; and it can be used a regular lotion because of its extreme moisturizing properties.  Best of all, it minimizes the appearance of varicose veins and cellulite too.    That is most likely why it is such a good side-kick to your kick-butt 5-minute core toning workout.